I am immensely grateful to the voters who elected the first Latinx judicial candidate in Alameda County and the first Latina lesbian to the Alameda County bench!  
I would not be here without all of the unwavering support and endless hard work of so many people.  
To the Kitchen Cabinet: my wife, Danielle, I am so very lucky and grateful we went through this journey together.  You have been an amazing support throughout this process and truly I would not have made it this far without you.  You have proven to be incredibly skilled at messaging, graphic design, budgeting and by far the best farmers market rep!  I love you so much!   To my best friend Chrissy, thank you for being by my side for so many candidate forums, farmers markets, grocery stores and all the miles we logged doing flyer drops.  Your steady support, friendship and encouragement was a gift for which I will be forever grateful.  To my sister, Yvonne Condes, we would not have a social media presence without you. Thank you for the daily calls and being a regular sounding board.
To the Campaign Team: Thank you to everyone at 50+1 for taking on my campaign, believing in my candidacy and purpose.  A special thanks to Nicole Derse who had all the right instincts and at every turn guided us in the right direction.  To Nick Day for your guidance and kindly listening to and answering our endless questions.  To Annie Eagan and Noah Maier, thank you for helping us raise the money we needed to have a successful campaign, for helping me hone my message and answering all of my questions.  To Sandra Garcia, thank you for telling my story so skillfully and beautifully. To Tom Bates and Loni Hancock, thank you for sharing your expertise and feedback on our ideas. Tom, thank you for teaching me how to canvass - you are a master. 
To the volunteers:  I am still in awe and moved by your willingness to join our campaign and show up and host house (then Zoom) Meet & Greets, help at Farmers Markets, Grocery Stores, Lit Drops, post card writing, text banking, phone banking and email writing. Thank you to Deborah Badhia, Cathy Leonard, Alysse Castro, Margo George, Barbara Lanier, Ann Harvey, Susan Ray, Marianne Morgan, Alexa Wilkie, Mark Salinas, Leticia Salinas, Elvia Condes, Maya, Teresa Renaker, Robin Kojima, Hilary Crosby, Ana Flores, Camellia Baray, Sandy Ried, Erlinda Castro, Monica Espinosa, Homero Espinosa, Ted Mermin, Teresa Escamilla, Carol Barnett, Kate Wing, Georgina Oram, Irene Nikkah and Adene Sacks.  

Thank you to all those who endorsed my candidacy, help spread the word, put up a yard sign or car magnet, and supported this campaign financially -special thank you to Jane Hines and Dan Ray, Cal. Sen. Nancy Skinner, Quinn Delany, Paula Ray, John Tormey, Dulcie and Howard Horwitz.  You all were the base that built this campaign throughout this county.  

I look forward to serving our community that I care so deeply about. 

With immense gratitude and excitement,

Elena Condes




Experience    Integrity    Diversity

As the first-place finisher in the March primary election and a defense attorney with over 25 years of courtroom experience, I am running for Superior Court Judge in Alameda County to ensure that all people encounter a level playing field when entering the courtroom. Having been active both personally and professionally in Alameda County for decades, I have worked with some of the most vulnerable populations.  My perspective as a Latina, a lesbian, and a defender would enhance the diversity on the bench.  Please join me in my commitment to improving equal access to justice.

I am honored to be endorsed by the Honorable Carol S. Brosnahan who occupies the seat for which I am running and who will retire after more than 40 years as a Judge in this county.  

I invite you to see my full list of endorsements from other judges, professionals and community leaders who believe my legal acumen, professionalism, temperament, personal experience and commitment to justice make me the right choice for judge.

The East Bay Times, January 14, 2020
“[Elena] stands out as the best experienced and most familiar with the workings of Alameda County courts. 
While endorsements usually don’t count much for our recommendations, Condes’ support from 21 current and two retired Alameda County judges says a lot. These are the jurists who have seen her work, who can perhaps best judge whether she’s cut out to be a judge.” 

Eric Swalwell, United States Congress:
“Elena Condes stands out as the best candidate in this race.  Her experience, integrity and commitment to equal access to justice for all are reason enough to vote for Elena.  That she brings much needed diversity to the Alameda County bench is icing on the cake.”

Nancy Skinner, California State Senator:
“ I am endorsing Elena Condes for Alameda County Superior Court Judge because I believe she has the legal experience, a well established commitment to the community and the integrity to be a positive addition to the court.  The institutions of our government do better when women and people of color serve our community in positions of leadership.  Condes brings her experience as a long defense attorney, a mother and a Latina lesbian to benefit our system of justice.  Elena Condes has my support.” 

Buffy Wicks, Assemblymember:
“I believe deeply in having representation in government, and recognize the importance of having well-qualified women in our systems of justice. Elena Condes brings her perspective as a defender, Latina, lesbian and mother, as well as her 26 years of courtroom experience in Alameda County — to the job. I wholeheartedly endorse Elena for Alameda County Judge.” 

Dolores Huerta, Labor Leader, Civil Rights Activist:
"I'm proud to endorse Elena Condes for Superior Court Judge in Alameda County. Elena has spent decades working to represent the most vulnerable in our community. The judiciary needs more Latina representation in order to better reflect the community it serves. I believe that Elena has the depth of experience, integrity, compassion and work ethic to make an incredible judge. It is no surprise that she is endorsed by so many judges and lawyers who know her and what she will add to the court."  Click here for video message.


Vote Elena Condes for Alameda County Superior Court, Seat 2.

Vote for Elena Condes by November 3rd
for Superior Court Judge