East Bay Times / Mercury News Editorial

East Bay Times 1/14/2020

“… Our recommendation — and it’s not an easy decision — is veteran criminal defense attorney Elena Condes, who has run a solo practice in Berkeley since 1993.

Of the three candidates, she stands out as the best experienced and most familiar with the workings of Alameda County courts. Condes’ practice focuses on courtroom advocacy that’s a key part of the day-to-day operations of the local judicial system.

While endorsements usually don’t count much for our recommendations, Condes’ support from 21 current and two retired Alameda County judges says a lot. These are the jurists who have seen her work, who can perhaps best judge whether she’s cut out to be a judge...”



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Drake Talk Oakland  2/09/2020

“Superior Court Judge- Elena Condes

While both candidates are good, experienced attorneys, one stands out as having a better judicial temperament-she is endorsed by the retiring judge and many more judges in our county- and looks more like the people she will sit in judgement of. Ms. Condes is a Latinx defense attorney, a Lesbian of Mexican heritage and someone who really understands the needs of the people who will appear before her. She is emminently qualified but not a politician-this is just the kind of person we want for this particular job.”





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"After reading both of their ballot statements and all of their websites, I’m definitely voting for Condes. Her ballot statement says: “As a trial attorney with 25 years of courtroom and as a Latina, lesbian, mother, defender and small business owner, I am running to enhance the diversity of experience and perspective on Alameda County Superior Court.” She’s endorsed by the outgoing Judge Carol Brosnahan (40-years! classmate of Ruth Bader Ginsburg!!), MANY judges, plus a bunch of elected officials I like.”

"For a judge, I care more about legal endorsements than about the political ones. And Condes sounds more like my vision of what our judges need to be.”